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Home sharing is amazing: it’s about welcoming interesting people into your home and earning an income from your property. Looking to insure your short term rental ? No problem, it’s here and now with APRIL.

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We protect:
-    Your property from fire, water including sewer back-up*, wind, hail, burglary, theft* and vandalism caused by guests*
-    Your belongings and furniture you make available to your guests.
-    Your civil liability up to $2 million if your guest or someone else injure themselves on your property (slip and fall…) and you're found legally liable.
-    Your living expenses (such as accommodation and food) while you can’t live in your primary home due to a covered claim.
-    Your rental value, meaning the uncollected revenues from your short-term rental activity as your property is uninhabitable due to a covered claim.

*Subject to eligibility criteria 

For ALL hosts...

We were the first to offer insurance for AirBnB® hosts in Canada.
APRIL is welcoming all hosts regardless of:
-    The type of property you’re insuring (investment property, primary home, secondary condo or log cabin…)
-    The portion of your property you’re renting (entire home, just a bedroom or rental suite…)
-    The length of your guests’ stays (nightly, weekly, monthly, quarterly rentals…)
-    The frequency of your rentals (only from time to time when you’re away or continually)
-    The way you promote your short term rental (on vacation rental platforms like AirBnB®, HomeAway®, VRBO®; websites like Kijiji® or Craiglist®; social media like Facebook®; or only accepting guests from your personal network)
-    Where you live (whether you reside temporarily or permanently in another province or country than your rented property)

Of ON, BC, AB or QC short term rentals...

Our insurance products are available in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec.

And it’s OK to change your mind

7 days to simply cancel your policy. No pain, 100% refundable, provided there's no claim.

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APRIL was the first insurance provider protecting AirBnB® hosts across Canada. Of course, we are offering competitive solutions for all short term rentals (VRBO®, HomeAway®, Kijiji®...) APRIL is dedicated to give peace of mind to all hosts, whether you're renting your entire home or just a few bedrooms. You can be renting out your primary residence just a few weeks a year, your vacation home for the summer holidays, your investment property all year round; we always got you covered! APRIL is also happy to insure hosts who got a mishap such as a premium non payment or claims.