Damage by tenants protection

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tenant damage

One of the biggest stresses for landlords is tenants who trash their property or steal their furniture. With APRIL's Damage by tenants protection, you can now relax!

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The truth about our amazing coverage

Get real protection for damage...

We protect if your tenants, their family or their guests:
-    Steal your appliances or furniture, and / or any damage arising from this theft. 
-    Cause damage intentionally, out of spite or vindictiveness.
-    Cause damage accidentally and unexpectedly.
-    Alter your property without your consent, but without any spite, malice or vindictiveness.
In addition, we cover pet damage if the pet is listed on the lease.                                 

Caused by your tenants...

We protect damage caused from tenants :
-    Who reside in Ontario or Quebec. 
-    Who signed lease with you*, AND
-    Who have a credit score of 660 or above*, OR
-    Where the rent represents maximum 40% of their gross income*.

* Documentation to provide in the event of a claim. Read here for more details about the claim process.

And it’s OK to change your mind

7 days to simply cancel your policy. No pain, 100% refundable, provided there's no claim.

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You've invested in a rental property in Ontario or Quebec and sure, your typical insurance will protect it from fire or water damage; but only APRIL will also insure intentional and accidental damage caused to your property by your tenants. So to make sure your investment earns you money not costs; choose peace of mind with APRIL's Damage by tenants Protection.